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Enjoy your voyage alongside the twins in a setting inspired by all things Scottish. Here, Vinus gives you a double dose of creativity. The background is a swatch of tartan that Vinus created himself. The feathers are small game feathers (like pheasant) made from painted cardboard that he scanned onto the tartan image. The postcards are about the twins’ trip around Scotland and contain subjects like Balmoral Castle and a selfie with the Loch Ness Monster. The four cardinal points of the compass contain Scottish objects: a red mailbox and three petrospheres.


  • Large Scarves (53" x 53") 

  • free shipping

    There is no cost for shipping. If the item is returned, then it will be in the client's hands to mail it back. Thank you in advance for complying with our small business policy.

    return policy

    returns on scarves may be made within 7 days of purchase for either an NSEW credit note or an exchange. Returned scarves must be in original condition, in original packaging, not having been worn, altered, or washed. All tags must remain in place.

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