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Liberty, sensuality, beauty—

this is the essence of NSEW.

Meeting Vinus means an encounter with a contemporary artist, free and poetic, creator of a sincere and playful concept that France saw growing up in the 80s.

"I believe in beauty because it’s something you can easily find everywhere, as long as you look for it."



He grew up in the Calvados region of Normandy. His childhood was very playful and creative thanks to parents who supported him in his artistic development. Vinus was raised in a fair environment with ideals rooted in social justice. His parents embraced his complex personality when as a child he showed them his first sketches of fairy tales and his cardboard houses in the likeness of the Palace of Versailles and the Tuileries Palace. Influenced by his grandfather, who was also an artist, Vinus remembers a dollhouse his grandfather had made for him from a box of Cornflakes; a proof of love that has sown seeds and that has become his source of inspiration today. Recycled cardboard is the primary material in his sculptures. In addition, David Hockney's figurative poetry influenced his work very early on as well as the narrative and visual exuberance of Pop Art and its leader, Andy Warhol.

When he moved to Paris at the age of 17, his talent was immediately recognized at the prestigious Schools of fashion and applied arts of Olivier de Serres and Duperré. Following graduate studies, Vinus worked for several years marketing the image of the French fashion and fragrance house, Rochas. The first years of his professional life came from collective artistic experiences and working on clothing brands. Trying to find his path in creative expression has not been easy, nor without failure, but these experiences are not uncommon for emerging artists. He has always found a way forward, focusing on positivity and enjoying the journey.


He combined his artistic skills and at the age of 30, focused on illustration while deciding to transform his energy into a notable undertaking. In 2010 Vinus co-founded the fashion accessories brand NSEW (North South East West) with Yannick, his life companion. They have created and produced multifunctional travel handbags and a range of fragrances based on the concept that each scent symbolizes one of the four cardinal points, each having its unique stamp.

Vinus finds inspiration in many ways, including film, fashion, and art. He is extremely sensitive to shapes and curves in architecture, which can set him on a new path to creating a sketch for his latest fabric/scarf at any moment. American artists are his principal inspiration—he is greatly influenced by pop art and its culture. He appreciates that the Statue of Liberty connects two very distinct worlds, the USA and France, which both play an essential role in his creations.

Vinus considers scarves a communication tool with which to illustrate the “curiosity cabinet” of his artwork. Instead of a scarf from a fashion collection, it is rather a collection of scarves by an artist. Apart from NSEW, he currently works with printed fabrics for several well-known fashion brands as well as prestigious magazines and designers, including Swarovski, Christian Louboutin, Champagne Bruyen, and Christian Astuguevielle.

Vinus believes in the "joy of living" and of doing things simply for fun. This feeling of liveliness is present in both his professional and personal life. His work creates a sense of freedom and freedom of choice, which he finds essential because his family has taught him to respect this principle. As he says, “it’s the only thing we don’t learn in school.” He had the fortuity of learning that stance at home. He is attracted to human relations through the curious vulnerability of sensuality. He also believes in beauty as it is something you can easily find everywhere, as long as you are open enough to see it.

Urban travel, the exchange of cultures, the freedom of the senses, such are the essence of

The collection of scarves was born in 2015 and captures the essence of Vinus. He presents his emblematic characters and muses, Easty & Westy, two twins whose sources of inspiration are French poetry, a free and playful childhood, and the imaginary journey became reality. Easty (the sister) came into being in a dream. Vinus imagined her at a photo shoot, in person, wearing a short white Chanel jacket with tight jeans, accessorized with leather high heels and a neat, luxury bag. She was a socialite with a cheerful and charming personality. Vinus woke up and quickly sketched her before the vision faded. Colored pencils, photography, recycled sculpture, and photoshop are among his multifaceted graphic expressions.

Easty represents an impish, freethinking spirit while Westy, her twin brother, invokes a sort of feminine, sensual touch of masculinity. Both represent inner and outer beauty. These mischievous twins have become the icons of the line. They can be caught tasting champagne at the latest art expo or smoking cigarettes behind the VIP access of the latest select club in Paris or New York.

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