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Transport yourself to a garden party in the backyard of Frida Kahlo’s home in Mexico. The red pyramid was a real pyramid that existed in her backyard with various objects glued to it in an artistic fashion. Wrought iron objects are also represented in the four cardinal points of the compass. The Naguals are a sort of shapeshifting creature in Mexican folklore—there’s a poetic relationship between the animals and the garden that makes one dream—it’s a kind of magic.


SKU: 001
  • Large Scarves (53" x 53") inspired by......

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    There is no cost for shipping. If the item is returned, then it will be in the client's hands to mail it back. Thank you in advance for complying with our small business policy.

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    returns on scarves may be made within 7 days of purchase for either an NSEW credit note or an exchange. Returned scarves must be in original condition, in original packaging, not having been worn, altered, or washed. All tags must remain in place.

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